ISO 9001


SO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard of organisation and administration, which ensures the production of product and service, consistent quality.

Ensuring quality is the product of collective effort and be a fact of paramount importance for the business operating in the competitive market of today and tomorrow. The ISO 9001 standard covers a wide range of a company's activities, from product design to provide services to the customer after the sale.

The implementation of the company exempt from the costs of producing goods and the cost of providing service, poor quality and aimed at the greatest possible satisfaction of the customer / consumer by providing for continuous improvement.

ISO 9001 is a dynamic system that can be fair and evolving, as the business grows, allowing continuous evaluation and improvement of procedures. After the installation of a competent quality system certification body must verify that the system meets the requirements of the standard 9001. The certification of the ISO 9001 is not permanent, but must be renewed periodically after inspection, confirming compliance with the newest models and facts.

Benefits for the company...

  • The opening up avenues for new markets,
  • The survivability and non-exclusion from competitions,
  • Increased and improved share of the company in the market,
  • Improving public relations, advertising and promotion company,
  • Increasing efficiency and minimizing losses,
  • Increasing customer satisfaction.
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