ISO 22000


n 1 September 2005, published by the World Organization for Standardization (ISO), the first international standard for Management Systems of Food Safety, ISO 22000:2005 «Management Systems of Food Safety - requirements of the bodies the food chain».

The new ISO standard applies to all kinds of businesses that relate directly or indirectly to the food chain: from animal feed production, primary production and food production, processing, storage and transportation, distribution until retailing, up to the massive focus and the supply of foodstuffs to the consumer as well as to businesses that provide services or supplying equipment, packaging material, cleaning and disinfection materials, additives, etc.

What changes with the ISO 22000?

  • It calls for mutual communication (exchange of information / data between all stakeholders - businesses, suppliers, customers, authorities), the systematic management system, control risks through prerequisite programmes and through HACCP plan, continuous improvement and updating of the system,
  • Incorporates HACCP principles and the implementation steps of the Codex Alimentarius Commission,
  • It combines the HACCP plan with the prerequisites programs,
  • Requires documentation satisfaction of regulatory and legal requirements.

Benefits for the company...

  • Compliance with the law,
  • Maximising trust for the safety of food available for consumption,
  • Improvement of image firm and powerful marketing weapon,
  • Documentation and therefore evidence to the third (audit, legal authorities, consumer) compliance with relevant legislation,
  • Elimination of defective products anf particularly of personal injury cases for the consumer (food poisoning, etc.),
  • Checking preventive measures based on easily, quickly and cheaply checks,
  • Financial benefits, higher performance machines, reducing the quality control of finished products, etc..
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