Frequently asked questions

  • It is required by law the implementation and certification of HACCP System?

    Yes. The implementation of HACCP System by food businesses is mandatory, and inspection will be conducted by the Ε.F.E.T. The certification of a standard (ISO 22000, Codex Alimentarius, etc) it's not required by Law. However, the certification is often required in public tenders, prompted increasingly seen as a necessary condition for cooperation in trade, but also the growing educate consumers encouraging companies to process their certification.

  • What is the Quality Policy?

    A brief text of a page, which is signed by the director of quality and representative of the supreme command (eg chief executive for companies or the general manager for other agencies). The quality policy is the general overall direction and the intentions of a body referring to the Quality, as they have officially expressed by senior management. From the quality policy stems around all the Quality System of the body.

  • What is the Quality Manual?

    It is the supreme document that describes and defines the Quality Management System of the body. It includes the Quality Policy and extra clear descriptions on how the Quality Management System of the boby complies with all requirements of the relevant Standard (ISO 22000, ISO 9001, etc.).

  • What is the Working Directive?

    A paper in paper or electronic form, listing the ways and methods for carrying out the functions of a specific process. For example, an instruction manual on maintenance of a machine, can be directive work in a process regarding the maintenance of the infrastructure of the organization. The instructions work condenses the experience and expertise of the boby and are necessary for the normalization of the inner workings of the boby.

  • It is compulsory the cooperation with a consultant to apply and be certified by a Quality System?

    No. The companies did not have the time, the experience and expertise to undertake this task. On the other hand, bureaucratic procedures, application requirements and certification and the appropriate infrastructure is an area of expertise of the Consultant. With regular contact and collaboration with the client the project is completed successfully, with the maximum benefit for the client and rewarding time.

  • Which is the procedure of the certification of the company?

    When the company is ready, invites the certification body to inspect the system, and to give the certification. The certification boby is a private company (eg, TUV Austria Hellas, TUV Hellas, EQA, DQS, Lloyd's, etc.) or a public one (ELOT, AGROcert) and accredited by the E.SY.D (National Accreditation System) that has the capacity to inspect Quality Systems.

  • How long lasts the certification?

    After the operation ends, the certification body, reinspect the system at specified intervals to determine continued operation of the system. In a year of the initial certification, the body is inspected again. Failure to satisfy the requirements, licences can be removed.

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